What if You Could… Know What Media Spends Work

Know in Real Time What Media Spends are Working and Why

Today’s online consumers have a plethora of choices of what products to buy, services to use, and places to shop. All this can be done anytime, anywhere. And in our digitally led economy, there is a lot of talk on how brands and marketers can now gain a competitive advantage with all this data being collected about their customers. But the reality is that one of the biggest challenges is the ability for marketers to understand all this data, so that they know in real time what is and isn’t working, and why.

The way it’s “supposed to work” is that all those numbers are analyzed by teams of engineers and data scientists to give marketers monetizable insights on their customers’ behaviors. But even with all these numbers and reports, for many marketers, their biggest pain point has yet to be resolved – how to understand and show in real time ROI on their media spends?

More often than not, a marketing manager gets an email from their boss, informing the marketing team that the CMO wants an update. X amount of dollars was approved for Y campaign, so what’s the ROI, and when is the soonest can the CMO expect to see the numbers?

To get this information, the typical marketer has to go through multiple points – from accessing and understanding cross-channel data pulled from Facebook, Google, Twitter, CRM systems, email and company website to requesting engineering and data scientists to interpret the data. And even then, the results may not be so evident, as reports from different tools can provide conflicting data that is near to impossible to resolve. For instance, one source provides information of Facebook clicks to a website, and another source provides the server records of a website showing Facebook traffic. Yet, these two numbers are different! And when these numbers are collected and analyzed, days to weeks go by, which means the information is no longer relevant.

But with the “right” technology solution – one that could give marketers an immediate view on the effectiveness of media spends and in a way that anyone could understand – just imagine the “what if you could” scenarios. What if you could see in real time return on an ad spend, region by region? What if you could see where traffic is coming from? What if you could get a deeper dive and see how people are converting?

linknexus™ is making what if you could a reality. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, the linknexus™ platform gives marketers the freedom to directly setup, deploy, and use technology without the intervention of engineering, data scientists, or consultant resources.