What if You Could… Understand the Human Side of Customer Journey

Seamlessly Understand the Human Side of the Customer Journey

Today’s brands need to be where their customers are – online and social. And to avoid brand minimization, that means no matter how social media savvy a brand is, marketing teams must have an increasingly active voice and a true – or human side – understanding of the cross channel customer journey to make an emotive connection with their customers. To get there, marketers have to engage on multiple touch points while having real conversations to better engage and expand their reach.

Yet, with so much information being shared online, the reality is that customers can only consume so much content. Knowing this, marketers need to ask themselves, is the content, timing, and the channels with which a brand engages a specific customer helping to shape in a positive way that one customer’s purchasing decisions? For most marketers, that means they need to move away from overwhelming amounts of data that require the intervention of engineers and data scientists to meaningful insights that enable them to have “human-like” action – and all this starts by seamlessly understanding the human side of the customer journey.

Let’s take a look at the typical customer journey for customer Bob. Bob’s week starts with a brand’s advertisement he saw on Facebook, so he clicked it and was brought to the website. The next day while watching television Bob saw the brand’s advertisement on his favorite sports channel, so he clicked again on the website. Couple of days later while online, he clicked the brand’s Google ad, and at the end of the week, Bob saw that one of his friends liked the brand’s sponsored ad on Facebook.

Now that a brand has all this data on Bob, what’s next? More often than not, marketers with the help of engineers and data scientists spend valuable time downloading reports so that they can delve into and analyze Bob’s data… but what happened to understanding the human side of Bob? What happened to reacting to Bob’s customer journey with great customer service while reducing overall cost per acquisition?

Imagine, what if you could unlock real and “human” insights of a customer’s cross channel journey so that you could engage each customer in a meaningful way at important decision touch points? What if you could tailor how you connect with each individual customer – pop up for customer Ann, email to customer Dave, and live chat directed at customer Bob? What if you could react in the moment and have relevant “human” engagement with your customers?

Solutions like linknexus™ are making what if you could a reality. Built for marketers, linknexus enables marketers to directly monitor the complex cross channel dynamics of customer behaviors and their physical world presence at any moment in time, so they can better plan, understand, and react in new ways – more immediate, effective, and “human” – at any point along the customer journey.