linknexus Announces BETA Launch of Cutting Edge Cross Channel Marketing Platform

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linknexus Announces BETA Launch of Cutting Edge Cross Channel Marketing Platform

The linknexus platform captures actionable insights across all digital channels and gives marketers the power to create meaningful experiences for customers in real-time.

NEW YORK, NY – May 2, 2018 – linknexus today announced that its new cross channel marketing platform is now available in BETA so that brands and marketers can seamlessly address the highest impact marketing challenge – driving customer engagement and conversion through actions that reflect a human understanding of an individual’s ‘in the moment’ digital and physical world experience. With this cutting edge platform, brands and marketers are better able to increase conversions, gain return on ad spend, and deliver messaging tailored to the individual customer.

“I am beyond excited about the official BETA launch of linknexus,” said John Lim, founder and CEO, linknexus. “The post-click revolution is here, and with linknexus, we are arming marketers and brands with the freedom to react in real time to their marketing campaigns to shorten the consumer journey and drive conversion rates. We are providing the technology that makes it possible for brands and marketers to truly own the consumer engagement. The marketing landscape will be transformed with the launch of this dynamic technology.”

linknexus is providing brands and marketers with real-time cross-channel analytics combined with the ability to react immediately to create a seamless customer experience – and all this information is available in a single dashboard that anyone can understand. That means brands and marketers can react quickly without time consuming analytics and costly engineering time. linknexus puts the power back into the marketers hands by providing the following:

  •  The number of interactions and paths a consumer takes with the brand before and after a conversion
  •  The true cost of the customer
  •  Data that allows the marketer to reduce customer bounce rates, and increase conversion rates, quickly and easily

As a result, brands and marketers can create great custom experiences tailored to a higher ROI.

linknexus’ next milestone will be the company’s product release in July. For more information, visit


linknexus, a cross channel marketing platform, redefines the speed and customization of digital data to enable marketers to connect with customers as they move moment-to-moment between different experiences and locations in both the physical and digital worlds.

With linknexus’ platform, the complex barriers that once prevented marketers from directly managing today’s fast-moving and data-driven customer relationships is lifted. Designed to deliver a seamless customer experience, the linknexus platform gives marketers the freedom to directly setup, deploy, and use technology without the intervention of engineering, data scientists, or consultant resources.


Beth Trier
Trier and Company for linknexus