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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the linknexus™ platform?

linknexus™, a cross channel marketing platform, redefines the speed and customization of digital data to enable marketers to connect with customers as they move moment–to–moment between different experiences and locations in both the physical and digital worlds.

With linknexus™ platform, the complex barriers that once prevented marketers from directly managing today’s fast-moving and data-driven customer relationships is lifted. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, the linknexus™ platform gives marketers the freedom to directly setup, deploy, and use technology without the intervention of engineering, data scientists, or consultant resources.

How do I install and use linkexus™?

linknexus™ has a very simple installation process.
Step 1. Simply embed the custom linknexus™ code on your website which we will provide.
Step 2. Leverage linknexus™ links for all of your digital ads or social posts.
Step 3. Create reactions based on the data to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Can there be multiple users from my company all in one linknexus™ instance?

linknexus™ allows unlimited admin users.

What does “pre-click” mean? What does “post-click” mean?

Pre-click consists of ads and content being shared by the brand externally (Facebook Ads, Search ads, etc). Post-click is the continued consumer engagement or interaction with your website.

I already have too much data… how is linknexus™ going to help me?

The more data you have, the more powerful linknexus™ can be for your brand. The platform makes your current data consumable, digestible, and understandable in one place across all channels (with no or minimum technical intervention). 

How much does linknexus™ cost?

linknexus™ has different pricing options. Please reach out to sales@linknexus.com for more details.

How will running linknexus™ affect the load time of my website?

linknexus™ will not delay any of your current website functionality. The embed code itself is very small and comparable to Google Analytics, about 500 bytes. We load an additional compressed JS file that is about 2.5k and should load from our CDN around 150ms.

Can linknexus™ integrate with other marketing platforms?

In the near future, linknexus™ will be able to integrate with the data and insights from other major marketing technology platforms to enable digital marketers to more fully understand the entire customer journey from initial click to various engagements in the funnel to final purchase or action and advocacy.

Who “owns” the data collected from linknexus™ on my website/about my customers?

linknexus™ does not own any of the data collected. That information is owned by your brand.

How do you differ from other analytic platforms?

Link to comparison chart in platform page

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