Bolster Brand Engagement with Real-Time Analytics that Anyone can Understand

In today’s digitally intelligent world where the connected consumer interacts with fellow influencers and brands through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, leading brands can no longer rely upon and make marketing decisions based on traditional advertising campaigns, coupons and seasonal promotions. Instead, brand marketers need to start capitalizing on the power of real-time analytics if they want to understand the customer journey. Only then can they react at the speed of the customer.

Yet, with all this proliferation of data that is siloed or integrated at some level with the help of engineers and data scientists, marketers are still at a disadvantage. Simply put, they are inundated with too much data, and more often than not, all this data lacks insights that enable them to act in real time and in a meaningful way. As a marketer, what does all this data mean, and what is the most effective next step – redirect a customer to a new page, send an email, or reach out by SMS?

The time is now to move away from siloed intelligence to integrated, real-time insights that accurately reflect the current digital behaviors, physical world surroundings, and marketer defined “if-then actions.” Only then can marketing leaders know how the latest marketing initiative is performing, region by region; how a brand is reacting to the cross channel customer journey that expects 24/7 service and engagement; and how and when a brand should engage with new and existing customers.

In order to get there, marketers need to find the right technology solutions to gain actionable business insights and understand how they are performing across channel dynamics. And with the new technologies of today and tomorrow, marketers can be empowered in ways once thought was not possible.

For example, using the latest in digital-based solutions, imagine what if you could directly monitor the cross channel dynamics of customer behaviors any time and from anywhere to better plan, understand and react immediately during the customer journey? What if you could immediately and directly engage with customers based on behaviors that present themselves minute by minute? What if you could improve the individual customer journey by tailoring your message accordingly?

Without a doubt, this level of analytics changes the dynamics of engagement for customers and brands. And as our physical world increasingly moves online and we acquire more and more data, the brands that “get there” will have embraced the technology solutions of today and tomorrow.

Solutions like linknexus™ are enabling marketers to achieve this level of brand success by delivering a seamless user experience that redefines the speed and customization of digital data. Built for marketers, linknexus™ moves data from what was once overwhelming to insights that provide marketers with real-time, “human-like” actions.