Real-time Reactability for Marketers

Increasing conversions is an on-going topic in the marketing industry and will continue to be a priority for brands and marketers moving forward. Here’s the thing. Increasing your conversion rate is possible, yet in order to do that, marketers and brands must adjust their thinking and the questions they are asking.

For instance, marketers have been asking the wrong question for a long time. “How do I get more people to my website?” The right question marketers should be asking is “How do I get more people to convert post-click?” The accepted industry standard rate for digital conversions is 3%!1 If you owned a store and had 100 people come into the store every single day, would you be happy with only 3 people buying something? Of course, not.

Facebook and Google are sending more traffic to your site faster than you can convert. What can you do to increase conversions? Take a different approach. Think of that traffic as curious customers walking into your real-world store. Chances are you’d greet them and make sure the customer experience was personalized. That experience would change according to whether they’re loyal customers, the time of day, the weather, and where they had just come from, etc. That experience leads to conversion. Why is the digital customer experience any different?

Let’s imagine a few possibilities.

Say there is a customer who has visited your website.

What if you knew that customer has been there four times before?

What if you knew that customer is from the LA area?

What if you knew that customer has come from the Facebook ads that you’ve been placing?

What if you knew all of that information in real-time and could engage with that customer in a unique manner with personalized messaging like inserting pop-ups, redirecting to a different part of your website, launching a chat window, or even send a unique email?

With the linknexus™, marketers now have the freedom to directly acquire insights and understand the complex cross-channel dynamics of customer behaviors at any place (digital or physical) or time, and then react in the most immediate, effective, and “human” manner. 

You can discover actionable insights in real-time including:

How many times customers have visited your website. Is it their first time, second, third, and so on. That knowledge can help you craft a personalized experience or message for your customers.

Where your customers are physically coming from. This knowledge can help guide your targeted marketing from the specific messaging you create to the dollar amount you spend on geo-targeted media.

What elements of your digital marketing are driving traffic to your website which provides validation or justification as to what digital marketing is working the best to drive conversions.