Top 3 Solutions for Digital Marketers

Today, digital marketers operate in a world that is dominated by massive amounts of data coming from different channels which often requires the hands-on intervention of engineers and data scientists.

Digital marketers believe that they are losing significant insights about consumer behavior because the data from the various channels they are using is not easy for them, as marketers, to:

1. Aggregate across channels, devices, and platforms.

Tracking across the multiple channels is a big talking point in the marketing tech industry today. If you look at two of the biggest providers of data (Google and Facebook), they provide very rich data, but it’s siloed. Consumers take in content at incredible speeds. They check Facebook, click a link to your website, scroll around, watch a commercial, close out the window, open a new window in Google, search for your brand, etc. In order for brands to provide a unique meaningful customer experience, they need to understand the complete cross-channel consumer journey.

2. Synthesize, present logically, and consume in one place.

It’s not uncommon for a digital marketer to pull numerous reports from expensive MarTech platforms and still not have the needed insights into their bigger picture that the data should be providing them. It’s tough to tell what the real story is as well as understand if the information presented is a significant market trend or merely an anomaly. Reports from different tools can provide conflicting data that is impossible to resolve. This becomes a crippling challenge for digital marketers.

3. Analyze for action.

One of the biggest issues with having all of this data is the lack of response or action to it.

Google for example has built complex systems that allows individuals to create analytics. Google-UTM-links technically works, but it is not easily or immediately useable by most digital marketers. The data may be technically correct, but it is not in a form or time that is useful or actionable. While the data exists (in fact, sometime too much data) for marketers –timely insights that they can directly use often do not. We want to move data from overwhelming to manageable to insightful to ‘human-like’ action.