What is linknexus™?

linknexus™ is a platform that solves a problem that exists in the current digital marketing place. The problem is most people in the marketing industry are asking how do I get more people to my website (pre-click). The real question people should be asking is what should I do when customers get to my website (post-click).

Google, Facebook, display ads, and other social networks already do a tremendous job getting consumers into the funnel. Today’s challenge is not about getting more people into the funnel, the greater challenge is moving the right prospects through the funnel and creating a unique experience when customers get to your website.

If you look at the highest conversion rates today for brands, it’s the ones that are spending resources on creating highly intelligent contextual content post-click.

So how do you create a contextual experience? In order to create relevant content post-click, you need to understand the customer journey. Where did they come from? How many times have they been to my website? You wouldn’t say hello, nice to meet you to a person who has already come to your store. Why is the digital experience any different? If they’ve been to your website already, why treat them the same way you did the first time?

Using embed code on your website and linknexus™ links, we provide the customers cross-channel data in a contextual way which allows you to “react” and create those meaningful interactions. Yes, there are other analytics dashboards out there that can give you this information. But, no other platform allows marketers to personalize the consumer experience in real-time. No longer do you need an engineer to develop code just to simply add a pop-up or redirect to a different part of your site.

With linknexus™’ platform, the complex barriers that once prevented marketers from directly managing today’s fast-moving and data-driven customer relationships is lifted. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, the linknexus™ platform gives marketers the freedom to directly setup, deploy, and use technology without the intervention of engineering, data scientists, or consultant resources.

—John Lim, CEO of linknexus™