The GDPR is Nothing to Fear.

The GDPR will have less of an impact than you think.

The digital marketing conversation around the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) mandate, which is coming to the USA this May, is quickly becoming a trending topic. As this conversation ramps up, I wanted to share my perspective.

First things first. The GDPR is a good thing and it’s important. It allows for transparency to consumers on what data is being tracked. Now, it is bad, as the fear will create some panic and smaller companies in the space to lose focus on their mission to meet their client’s expectations. But, that’s for another conversation.

There are fears that the GDPR will be an issue for consumers in that they will be less likely to engage. I don’t see it that way. Here’s why. The GDPR essentially mandates a “label” on your website which says stuff like we track these cookies, obtain this information, etc. Consumers today already understand that they’re giving away their privacy and they’re okay with it — as long as it’s convenient! An example is Amazon Alexa. I allow her to track my purchase history tied to my credit card information, and location because she can easily help me re-order products I need.

For argument sake, the GDPR “label” is similar to that of a warning label on a bottle of beer. Most consumers don’t read or care about the warning label and they purchase anyway. They understand the risks they are taking. It’s common knowledge.

The GDPR is important, but brands and marketers shouldn’t fear it. Similar to Y2K, it will come and go and be old news before we know it.

Brands should continue to focus on MMA MTA (Mobile Marketing Association, Multi-Touch Attribution) and the complete digital customer experience from pre-click to post-click to increase conversions.

—John Lim, CEO of linknexus™